Mysql Database administration tutorial

MySQL!  A well known and most popular open source database system needs no introduction to any programmer. MySQL database administration skills are often required by number of programmers and web application developers. This tutorial is targeted for application developers who either wants to improve their administration skills in MySQL or to optimize MySQL database to improve performance of application. This is also targeted to novice MySQL database administrators who wants to improve their knowledge or fill knowledge gaps. It is not the purpose of this tutorial to serve as documentation or complete reference. Please refer MySQL website for complete reference and documentation.

Here is the complete list of topics that are covered in this tutorial.

  1. Introduction,features
  2. MySQL start up scripts
  3. User management
  4. Storage Engines
  5. MySQL client and utility Programs
  6. Server variables
  7. Server Logs
  8. Backup and recovery
  9. Multiple MySQL installations on single computer
  10. Optimization
  11. Buffering and caching
  12. MySQL default databases (information schema, MySQL)
  13. Replication
  14. Conclusion