Magento : get product details

I am working on my first Magento project . I’d say it is not a CMS you would master in a day or two , especially if you are used to work on very well documented CMSs that have good support like WordPress , Drupal. In my project I want to get product details on the product view page. I want to show product details like Product name, description , short description , Price , Special price etc. If you are working on Magento for the first time chances are that you tweak by copying base template files into your package rather than theming from scratch. I learnt it is indeed a good practice unless you need a whole different design or structure.  Well if you are tweaking existing file and you are wondering how to get different product details , here are the ones you should look for.


echo $_product->getName();
//get product's short description
echo $_product->getShortDescription();
//get Product's Long Description
echo $_product->getDescription();
//get Product's Regular Price
echo $_product->getPrice();
//get Product's Special price
echo $_product->getSpecialPrice();
//get Product's Url
echo $_product->getProductUrl();
//get Product's image Url
echo $_product->getImageUrl();