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Magento : get product details

I am working on my first Magento project . I’d say it is not a CMS you would master in a day or two , especially if you are used to work on very well documented CMSs that have good support like WordPress , Drupal. In my project I want to get product details on the product […]


Mysql database administration tutorial – User management

Users in MySQL can be created in two ways. First way is by using CREATE or GRANT statements. Second one is to update or add to ‘user’, ‘grant’ tables of MySQL database (MySQL database is default databases that comes with installation and it holds important data realated to users, privilages and othe databases) Using CREATE […]


Mysql database administration tutorial – Introduction

MySQL, an open source software is a relational database management system.SQL is the most common standardized language used to access databases and is defined by the ANSI/ISO SQL Standard. Current version of the standard is “SQL:2003” Main features of Mysql are Written in C and C++. Tested with a broad range of different compilers. Works […]